Radio 4 was a bad idea

Over drinks in the pub a couple of days ago, Aidan came up with the suggestion of tuning my bedside alarm clock to Radio 4. I like to listen to the radio to wake up, but Bryony can’t stand waking up to music. Radio 4 seemed like the perfect solution.

So that night before going to seep I tried to re-tune the radio. Then the tuning dial broke. Just as the radio was starting to pick up a country music station. Waking up to crackly country music is not my idea of a good way to wake up. The bedside radio was however over 20 years old, so I can’t say I’m too surprised that it died on me. I have been expecting to have to go and get a new one for a long time.

So off I got to the shops (the next day that is. I didn’t go down the shops to get a new clock radio in the middle of the night!), to get a new one. One short shopping trip later, I am home with a new clock radio… Guess what… It doesn’t work. Every time I plug it in, it does this nifty little moving display as it figure out what the right time is (but gets it wrong) and then turns itself off again. Ten seconds after that it turns back on again, resets itself (still to the wrong time) and then turns itself off, again!

In short, trying to re-tune my radio, was a bad idea!

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Deadline extension for TCJ paper

The paper I have been working on with Steve, Nathalie, Murtaza and Ali for submission to The Computer Jounral has had its deadline extended untill Tuesday 5th, as the person collecting the submissions will be away until then.

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