Evidence for Anglo Saxon Migration

My mother has always been a very keen proponent of the idea that the English population is indigenous, and has not been replaced several times though history via invasions. In fact this is now the established belief for at least the Roman and Norman invasions of the British Isles (54BC and 1066AD). The current belief is that a small number of invaders took up positions of power, but the majority of the population did not change, at least not genetically speaking.

The Saxon invasions of the dark ages however are more wildly disputed. A new study entitledY Chromosome Evidence for Anglo-Saxon Mass Migration claims to have found evidence that there was a large population change during the Saxon invasions.

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PhD Funding now less screwey

I spent most of Friday and a large part of today in various queues about college, and now I am registered, and I should get my funding next month. Though thanks to the Registry being confused, my regisration form says I have already finished. They can’t print me a new form, so I will have to make do with an offical letter stating that the offical registration slip contains a mistake. With any luck I will soon have both my bursary money, and the money I earnt from teaching the last two weeks.

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PhD Funding Gone Screwy

It would appear that I am in somewhat of a problem with respect to money. I was suppose to be receiving money via a Bursary from LeSC. However due to the wonders of bureaucracy, the college did not know I am continuing my studies, and so did not send me registration forms. As a result of this I have not yet registered with the college registry. I knew I would need to, but did not realise it was an urgent task, so I had planned on leaving it till the queues die down.

Anyway, it turns out that the college will not pay any money to anyone who is not registered as a member of the college, and even though my money is coming from LeSC, it has to go though the college first. The result of this is no money for me this month. That money will be added onto next month’s payment. Which will arrive after my rent is due. Fun fun fun!

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Internet Chess Club Hacked

The ICC has been hacked as part of a university project. The university professor and students reponsible have published a paper about their activites.

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First Draft of PhD Chapter 4

Following the principle of “Release Early and Release Often” I have completed the first draft of “Chapter 4″ of my thesis. Its in quotes becuse if it is still chapter 4 in the final version of the thesis I shall be more than a little surprised. Either way, its the chapter about my economic models. I will leave it a day or so before going over it again and making the changes I think are required, and then start kindly distributing it to coleagues for comments (read badgering them into reading it).

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