IVDC 2005 Photos

I now have the photos for IVDA 2005 online here.

If anyone finds any photos which are listed in the wrong round, could they please e-mail me, and tell me what photos (send me the address of the page showing the offending picture on its own) and what event it should be listed under.

All of the photos have been sorted into rounds and events, based on the time the photo was taken. Each photo has a timestamp embedded into it, and we recorded all the start and end times for each round (see this post for details).

However, there were two problems with this:


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IVDC 2005 In Blackpool

I spent the weekend helping to set-up and run this year’s Inter-Varsity Dancesport Competition (IVDC), in Blackpool. The organisation has been ongoing for months, and I have been involved in trying to write a technological set of for managing the day. After months of hard work developing new scrutineering software, it was not ready. It was unfinished and totally untested. With two weeks to go till the big event, a much more piecemeal solution was decided on.

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New Doc Condor Pool test

David has set up a new Condor Pool which I am using to run my convergence experiments. The previous installation resulted in many of my longer running jobs never returning or providing any results. Hopefully this new install will work significantly better :-)

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Preliminary Experiments Started

After a lot of work over the weekend I have started off a preliminary run of my experiments. They will run on Rhea, which is a v880 server for the groups use, and I suspect they will take a few days before completing. They have a very low value (10 I think) for the number of iterations for the optimisation loop, and so the results will only be roughly indicative of how the policies will be implemented, however this will give me enough of an idea about the results that I can start writing about them while the full length experiments run, which will hopefully be over Easter

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