PhD Write up

I have just had a meeting with my supervisor, discussion the shape of my thesis. I am now at the preliminary stages of writing up. I have one last set of experiments to code and run, which will form a Case Study for the thesis, and probably be the most interesting part of it. The main core is now coded, and tested, and is ready to write up :-)

In Today’s meeting, we discussed the order of the chapters and the “story” that my thesis will tell. We have agreed on a structure. Basically things are going well.

I am now off for a weeks holiday in Italy, and when I get back I will start the last phase of my PhD with a vengeance

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Bryony and I Split Up

I’m actually writing this almost two weeks after it happened, but I am setting the date to the day it happened. I didn’t want to write about it straight away…

Bryony has decided that she thinks we should break up. After having a few revelations in her course, she has realised that the future life she believed lay in her future was one she did not want. She is now not sure what she wants to do with her life, and feels she needs to be single to figure it out. I have to say, i think she is probably right, though its a tough decision (for both of us).

We have decided to remain close friends, and in the two weeks since, we have managed this. I still see her (actually almost on a daily basis) and we seem to have made the transition very well. I’m not going to say any more here, as I have a general rule that I don’t want to use this blog as a diary, to document all my feelings and day to day activities.

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