Dance photos now available for sale

I am having a trial to see if I can make selling photos feasible through my website. Photobox allow me to upload photos to their site, and then to let me set the prices. I then don’t have to deal with printing or postage at all. They obviously take a cut, but the important thing is that it allows me to put photos up for sale without me spending long periods of time printing photos, stuffing evelopes etc etc….

For now I am doing it manually. If people want to buy the photos they need to e-mail me and tell me what photos they want, and then I will upload it to the photobox web site, and they can buy from there. I might be able to automate the process a bit more, as i can upload photos by e-mail, so i can configure a scrpit to do that, and then sort out the URLs, but that is going to take some testing. I can also get them to do most of the automation, but that requires a �250 set up fee, and I have no idea if I will make anywhere near that much so I can’t justify it.

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PhD Update

Well the final stage of my PhD are now well and truly underway. I have written a small thesisometer to monitor the progress of my writing. I have also created a currently empty thesis page which will get updates when I can be bothered to put them up :-)

I have spent this week sorting out the forms applying for the exam. I have had to choose a title for my thesis, and i have have settled on “Scheduling in a Grid environment using high level policies”. That still has to be approved by the appropriate committee, but I don’t think they will have any problems with it. The next step is to finish the final set of extended experiments, and write it all down. I have to take at least four months, as that is how long the paperwork takes, so I’m not actually allowed to submit my thesis. I don’t think I will have any significant problems (other than motivation), touch wood!

I have also had to write a “statement of conjoint work” as I will be basing one of the the chapters on the paper I recently had published which i worked on with other people. All the forms are now done, and waiting for John to check them, and sign them.

John also needs to decided on examiners for my viva, which is already starting to scare me…

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The Alchemist at the Pleasance Theatre

On Monday night I went to see The Alchemist at The Pleasance Theatre. It is a stage adaptation of the book of the same name. I really enjoyed the book, which would defiantly place on a top 10 books list were I to compile one. I did the production photos for the stage show (which was an honour), one of which was publish in the Independent a few weeks ago.


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I have been published in the Computer Journal

A while ago I wrote about having the deadline for a submission to The Computer Journal extended. Now I have just received word that the paper has been published.

You can read the paper on The Computer Jounral’s Pages. Though I am not the sole author of the paper, I feel very proud of it, as I feel I made a major and significant contribution to the content :-)

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