Summer Ball

Last night I went to the ICU summerball, where I managed to get some photos of the actual launch of the fireworks. Look at this :)

Firework Launcher
Firework Launcher
Firework Launcher
Firework Launcher

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Lead Actor in the Orange Adverts

I have finally found out something that has been bugging me for ages: Just who is the lead actor from the Orange advert campaign? I was absolutely convinced it someone I should recognise, but it turns out, i have never seen anything he has been in before. His name is Brennan Brown. I’m only bothering to write about it here because I had such a hard time finding the answer, which I eventually found at The answer bank. Brennan Brown’s Filmography can be found on imdb.

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PhD Update

Today I finished another chapter to first draft. This leaves me with just four more chapters to write to first draft standard, and then I will have an entire first draft thesis! Of course its going to be harder than that makes it sound, some of the results aren’t quire complete, and some of them will probably have to be run again to allow the optimisation to folly complete, but it doesn’t appear that this is going to cause any problems. With any luck I will actually be lucky enough that it really won’t cause any problems! Only one of the four chapters that need to be started is an experimental chapter, which means most of the dull hard work of preparing graphs should be out of the way. Not that I believe that for a second!

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Dance Medal Tests

Today I took my ballroom bronze and silver dance exams. I had to dance the silver exam three times, once with Laura, my regular dance partner, and once with Florence and once with Deepti. I guess this means I’m stable enough to dance with several girls, at least in theory. In reality, I lost the timing on the Quickstep with Deepti, which I felt pretty guilty about, given it was her exam, although we later figured out she was leaving out some of the steps, so I can’t be held entirely to blame :-)

Apparently everyone passed, though we are still waiting official results.

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