My PhD

Well My PhD is now down, and handed in. Now I have to wait for the examiners to receive it and then sit my viva. Something I should story worrying about but it’s liable to be two months or so away yet. I have some pics of my thesis, including a close up of the spine with my name on, the title page, and my first quote, at the beginning fo Ch1, which is from the Mabinogion, one of my favourite books :-)

I also want to put a copy of my acknowledgements here, as I have thanked a few people who are unlikely to get to see the final physical copy.

I have found writing a thesis to be a long, difficult, and trying experience. However there have been many people who have helped in one way or another. I would like to take this opportunity to thanks them. Without their help I would never have done as much as I have.

My supervisor, John Darlington has been invaluable. As well as guiding me in the right direction, and helping form the structure of my research, I have always found him capable of reassuring me whenever I start to feel concerned about my work.

Of my colleagues I would like to thank: Stephen McGough for his advice on how the academic world works, and almost always making himself available to help me with bits of maths that befuddled me; Anthony Meyer for inspiring me to look at the economic ideas that eventually formed the basis of my thesis and Oliver Jevons for both his emotional support, and for endless conversion of figures into EPS format. I also want to think everyone else in the London e-Science centre for bits of advice and technical help over the last four years that are too numerous to mention.

My friends have been invaluable too. James Fairbairn has tirelessly advised me about clean and maintainable Java coding practices, ensuring that adding new features when required to my code was a lot less painful that it could have been. William Dugdale has provided emotional counselling and friendship on numerous occasions, as well as helping to proofread the final manuscript, a thankless task also undertaken by Laura Cobden, my dance partner, who has put up admirably with my confused leads as well as some confusing grammar.

Finally but by no means least, my mother and grandfather, without their constant faith I would have lost heart many times. No doubt they will both be pleased my student days are coming to an end, or at least their bank accounts will be.

Thesis Cover
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My Name on the Spine
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Title Page
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Chapter 1 Quote
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