New Post, New Photos

Well I have posted anything for a while, which to my suprise several of you nice people commented about while I was at SUDC this weekend. The main reason is that I had a stomach bug/food poisoning incident a few weeks ago, then was hit by two colds in a row, that’s in addition to the one I had before the stomach bug. So i haven’t really been up for writing. The spare energy I have had has gone into dancing. Which after a rather difficult start (from a getting lessons point of view) is finally starting to go well.

But enough about me, if the MSN messages and Facebook messages I have been getting for a while are anything to go by, then all you guys care about is when you can see the photos. So you will be glad to know that the SUDC Photos are now Online. If you are on Facebook then the best 50 or so have also been uploaded and tagged there.

I’m starting to feel better now, I’m already thinking about writing something about conceptual models in general, not just scientifical, logic based models, and how useful it can be (and sometimes painful) to have your model of something shifted to a new model. Stay tuned…

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