Personal content, for just your friends.

Have you ever wanted to share something personal with just a few, or even just one close friend. Its really not easy. I’m not talking about an idea, something you can just ring up and tell them. I’m thinking of videos (though the idea extends to photos, or music, or any thing like that). Because its not easy, I think a lot of you end up not doing it, and thats a shame.

I spent today working on this problem. My dance partner and I had someone record us at a competition at the weekend. I want to share the videos with her, but not with the whole world. After all, what if someone in Australia sees it and doesn’t like our dancing! I didn’t want to burn a copy of the CD and give it to her. Mainly because I just had a foot operation, and so can’t get out of bed. That aside though, some sort of internet sharing is just so much more elegant, and being a computer geek, i want elegance when doing this sort of thing.

So video sharing, of course, means YouTube. Does YouTube allow me to share a video with just one person? It turns out it does, but falls very short on my elegance desires. I won’t bore you with all the details, but by the time I had set the video up to not be publicly viewable, and informed YouTube who, other than myself, should be able to view the video, I had formed a somewhat less than favorable view of the administration interface that YouTube provides.

I think this is really quite a big deal. The easier something is to do, the more I am willing to do it. Facebook makes tagging people in a photo really easy, so I tag photos in Facebook. My photo-library software though, just isn’t as good, its not bad, its just not *as* good, so I don’t tag photos in it. If I could easily send a video message to a group of people, and be sure only they get it, then I probably would.

The thing thats really important to me here is the idea of how confident I feel doing this. The more I trust the people I am sending my content to, and the more I trust the security of the system, the more open I will be, and the better the quality of the communication will be. I find I do trust YouTube (for now), but the lack of simplicity in their interface leads me to believe they either do not want, or do not care about user to user communication. I did use them today for my videos, but it did not leave me with the warm fuzzy feeling that they care about me. Nor did it leave me wanting to try sending videos to other friends.

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Getting Naked

Its been some time since I last wrote anything. However I refuse to sit here and write down that its simply because I have been too busy. The real truth is I have been too mythered. Not enough taking control of my life. Just the other day I sat down and did some paperwork, and found unopened bank statements from as far back as June. Thats just not like me!

Those close to me always told me it would take about two years after completing my PhD to really recover. I laughed at that and thought it was stupid, but looking at the calendar I see that is has now been two years, and finally all my bank statements are filed. Just in case…

So what now, what changed? Well for starters I have just accepted a new job, which I will be starting in the new year. Check out for all the lowdown on the company and the team. We will be developing a open messaging platform, which, in short is going to let you use your online existence to really be open with your friends. Not in the way Facebook lets you keep track of all the people you lost touch with 15 years ago, but actually maintain and nurture friendships, encourage you to be open, honest and emotionally naked with those people you trust. This will tie into some thoughts I wrote about a couple of years ago now. My thinking then was inspired by a Joel on Software post on how the tools given to online communities can influence the culture of the community. I’m really looking forward to spending some more time thinking about these sort of things. So check out the naked site, and sign up for the beta program, which is launching soon.

The last year or so I have also been getting more and more into my dancing. I don’t write too much about that, partly because it doesn’t translate so well to written form, and partly because my partner is a private person, who would not appreciate it if I were to go into day to day details. But I’m enjoying it, we are making progress and have started to attend competitions regularly.

The last thing thats made me stop and think about things a bit is an up-coming operation. In 3 days time i have to go under the knife to have the bones in my little toes reduced in size. The operation itself is pretty minor, but i will have to spend 2 weeks in bed to let the bones fully recover before putting weight on them again. I have been rushing about so much trying to get all the little bits that need to be sorted sorted, and then I will suddenly go from running everywhere, to not moving for two weeks. I think I am going to feel like I have run straight into a brick wall! If anyone feels like sending me some nice messages, or better yet, visiting and keeping me company, it would be very much appreciated. Oh, and if you are coming. I prefer green grapes to red, preferably peeled :-)

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