Missing a conference – when you are a speaker

I recently had a family incident that required me to pull out at the last minute from attending the Rails Underground conference. Normally, not turning up to a conference is no big deal, but this time I was due to be a speaker. I was gutted to miss the conference, as it was going to be my first time talking at a conference outside of academia.

So it is with a lot of gratitude I have to thank Gwyn Morfey, who stepped up at the last minute and gave my talk. We had about 1 hour together beforehand, where I could take him through my partially compete slides, and explain what I wanted to say.

The talk is available to watch online, and a speakerate page has been set up. Lots of good feedback.

It was also a really interesting experience to see someone else present my slides. Some things that I was trying to explain came through really clearly, while a few others did not. This gives me some aweseome feedback on what themes need to be brought out more.

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