I speak on a number of subjects related to Agile development and building software teams.

Agile vs Agile (vs Agile) – The fall of scientific management

My talk looks at 3 different mindsets for how we have tried to manage complex organisations, how this has lead to the rise of Agile, and how the word “Agile” can mean several different ways of organising work.

Do you ever get the feeling that no two people mean the same thing when they say “Oh yeah, we do agile”? Or perhaps you sympathise with those pleading us return to Pure Agile, like the Manifesto authors intended.

In this talk you’ll see a whistlestop history of how people have approached getting things done, and how there are at least 3 different things people mean when they say they’re agile.

To illuminate the differences, I’ll focus on 4 areas: how companies are run, what they do when they create new things, how they run projects, and how they reliably churn out a product. This also helpfully contrasts agile with Lean Startup techniques.

Hopefully, this will stop us talking at cross-purposes – so we can get creative and ship software!

Past conference appearances


  •  Software Practice Advancement


  • Keynote speaker at Agile Central Europe
  • Keynote speaker at Agile Eastern Europe
  • Software Practice Advancement

Speaker Bio

Laurie Young is Head of Operations at New Bamboo, an agile web development agency in London.

Having previously been a developer and a scrum master, Laurie now concentrates on how agile and lean practices are implemented in organisations.

He splits his spare time between photography and competitive dancesport.